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The Heated Reach & Wash System

About our system

The Heated Reach & Wash System is the most modern and industry leading equipment and method used by Birmingham window cleaners. It is a ladderless system where we use water fed poles to feed 'heated pure water' up to the glass to clean your windows to a sterile clean finish. As we use water fed poles no ladders are used meaning we can work at heights and angles not previously possible!

With the better cleaning results and additional benefits, including health and safety, it is not hard to see why pure water technology has revolutionised the window cleaning industry in recent years.

The concept behind this technology is as we have stripped the water used to clean the windows of any minerals and chemicals with our 5-stage reverse osmosis system in our company vans, and have brushed away all dirt from the window the 'pure water' will dry to a perfect finish!

The majority of our competitors use the 'cold' version of this system and therefore are not capable of producing the results that we do! And there is no added charge for the hot water benefit!

Additional benefits to the system include:

  • Using water fed poles we can reach heights and angles that ladders can not! All your windows will be easily cleaned including windows above conservatories/extensions and even roof/sky lights!

  • Your frames and sills will be cleaned as standard! Why pay for just glass cleaning?

  • Your windows will stay cleaner for longer as no soapy residue is left on the glass!

  • Previously difficult to clean leaded and Georgian style windows can now be easily and properly cleaned!

  • No more need to disrupt flower beds or receive accidental damage to window ledges or lawns from ladder use!

What is the hot water difference?



Its a well known fact that using hot water for cleaning produces better results. This is because of waters far superior dissolving capacity once heated. Therefore when we clean your windows the dirt will be absorbed much more readily and will dry quicker to a far better finish than the less superior cold pure water systems. This higher quality service does not come with an additional charge!

The following video demonstrates our advantages:

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