Birmingham & Walsall Window Cleaners

Walsall & Birmingham Window Cleaning

As Walsall and Birmingham window cleaners we can provide you with a professional solution to your Birmingham window cleaning and Walsall window cleaning needs. We service a number of commercial clients, but the higher percentage of our work is our residential clients.

A great number of clients on our rounds were recommended to choose us as their Birmingham window cleaning service provider and Walsall window cleaning provider by referrals from friends, family or neighbors. We take great pride in this fact! And we believe it goes a long way to proving our claim that we are one of, if not 'THE' most professional Birmingham window cleaning and Walsall window cleaning service provider in your area. Your window cleaner will arrive in a smart sign written van and will be well groomed and dressed in company uniform, and conduct their self in a polite, friendly and above all professional manner.

The quality of service you will receive is the highest possible as we have invested in the latest window cleaning technology - The Heated Reach & Wash System, therefore we can clean your windows to a standard the majority of our competitors simply cannot! A number of our Birmingham window cleaners and Walsall window cleaners competitors may use the 'Cold reach & Wash System' but as everybody knows cold water does not ever clean as well as hot water and therefore the quality of service they provide will not ever match the quality of service provided by us!

Further benefits to our system include:

  • Using water fed poles we can reach heights and angles that ladders can not! All your windows will be easily cleaned including windows above conservatories/extensions and even roof/sky lights!

  • Your frames and sills will be cleaned as standard! Why pay for just glass cleaning?

  • Your windows will stay cleaner for longer as no soapy residue is left on the glass!

  • Previously difficult to clean leaded and Georgian style windows can now be easily and properly cleaned!

  • No more need to disrupt flower beds or receive accidental damage to window ledges or lawns from ladder use!

This higher quality of service is also certainly not reflected in our Birmingham window cleaning and Walsall window cleaning prices being higher than our professional competitors! Instead you will find our rates to be very reasonable! Our payment options are simple and flexible, and include BACS transfers.

Our System In Action

The video below produced by Ionics shows our system in action. We use this method of cleaning for all our services.

Conservatory Cleaning

The windows and doors of your conservatory will be included in your window cleaning service! Conservatory roofs are more complex jobs that are typically done on a much lesser frequency. For most clients we find once or twice a year works well. We are also able to provide conservatory valets as stand alone jobs.

You will find with our heated Reach & Wash system the green layer of moss and build up of dirt will be effectively removed bringing back your white shine!

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

Your fascia & soffits are a very noticeable feature on your home. Therefore ensuring they are cleaned on a regular basis is vital if you want to project the best 'curb appeal' for your home! We recommend receiving this service on an annual basis and assure you from our experience with existing client reactions you will feel a very noticeable difference in the view when looking at your home!

Cladding Cleaning

Cladding cleaning is a service we offer to our commercial clients. The appearance of your commercial premises is likely the first thing visitors to your premises notice. Therefore it is important these potential clients or business associates have a good first impression.

Our cladding cleaning service will help you to achieve this by ensuring the cladding of your property is fresh and clean in appearance. 

Furthermore as the build up of dirt and grime would otherwise weaken the Aluminium or Steel cladding panels through corrosion our cladding cleaning service cost can be offset by the fact our service will extend the life span of your cladding thus saving you money in repairs or replacement down the road.

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